First Things First….

First things first…welcome to the jungle! Pre-K is often loud…silly…and wild…just like a jungle. Hence…our jungle themed classroom. We are super lucky to have not just one wild room…but two! One room is for learning times…and the other is for centers. Yes…it took forever to organize and decorate…but I would have it no other way. Take a peek!

Kitchen center...A class favorite

Sand and Water...

Our classroom store...we change it with the seasons...

Our reading hut....a place where we can relax with an animal and read a book.

Math and computer center...good times!

More to come tomorrow…this teacher is ready to leave the jungle for the night…

About trendyteacher

Well...let's see...I think trendy teacher says it all. Trendy dress...trendy shoes...and of course keeping up on all the latest teaching trends. This is my 9th year teaching...and everyone of them in an LA-4 pre-k classroom. I what I makes me happy. And yes, I wear stillettos while doing it.
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3 Responses to First Things First….

  1. Carey Blevins says:

    Mrs. Williams,
    Thank you for allowing us to read your blog! We are super excited to know what is going on in the jungle on a day to day basis. Btw, Maggie just adores you, Ms. Ann and her new friends! Talk with you soon!

    Carey Blevins

  2. Angie says:

    I love your reading hut!!! Can you share how you made it? I am doing a jungle theme in my 4- year old preschool and would love this.

    • Thanks! I would love to take credit. Kindergarten teacher by day…handy fix-it girl by night. But..sadly, I cannot. I had a ton of help, and I’m afraid all I contributed was good ole home cooking of the McDonald’s variety. I do know 2×4’s were used and we used a brown flat sheet to cover the top. I wish I could be of more help, but building does not happen to be in my skill set. Makeup? Thrift shopping? Sniffing out killer heels in the midst of sneakers? I’m your girl.

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