Maternity Clothes, Punctuation Posters, and Grey!

::on my knees pleading for forgiveness:: I know it's been much too long! Please, please forgive for my extended absence. My life has taken a very curvy road these past few years and I had to readjust my driving. Sharp Curve #1: I. Got. Married. new last name is Turner. Which, now that I  think about it, is expertly appropriate for a post about curvy roads. I would also like to make two notes about this wonderful event: 1. He proposed in my classroom. I mean..come on...I give you all permission to swoon. 2. I wore my mother's 50's dress on my wedding day. It was beyond perfect..and spot on trend I might add.

Curve #2: I moved to kindergarten. I know... I know...I'm a little too silly, a little too goofy. But, to everyone's surprise, I can very much get on the same level as a 5 year old. I know you all thought my capabilities stopped at 4 year old level. It's okay. I quite like dress up center! Doesn't everyone!? But now I am a big kindergarten teacher..and I have loved every moment. It took me a year to find my footing, my leopard heeled footing, but it is found and now I can share.

Curve #2ish: No more jungle classroom. Make way for the superheroes! Here's a little something I made for the new decor. I mean...who didn't want to be She-Ra when they were a little girl?! a 25 year old on Halloween for that matter.

Windy, Sharp, Curve #3: I. had. a BABY. His name is Grey and he is perfect. He has made me a better human, not to mention a better teacher. He has also made me need my Starbucks that  much more!

So there it is. The reason for the extended absence. But not to fret, I am back in full force. Mrs. Turner is back in the driver's seat ::with a chic headscarf and dramatic sunglasses..duh!::

Oh...and how could I forget.. I started a store! Check it out... and don't worry, I'll still post freebies.