Auto Pilot: Idiom


on automatic pilot, functioning in an unthinking or reflexive manner.

I, my friends, have been functioning for the past few weeks on autopilot. A fabulously dressed...amazingly accesorized ... still super fantastic teacher on autopilot, but autopilot all the same. There are times in our lives when we look back and don't really remember the footsteps it took us to get there. Or...there are times when driving (especially in the morning... pre-starbucks) where we drive somewhere, but do not remember the journey. This second one...not so safe. Come to think of it...the first one either. my New Year's Resolution, I have decided that even though my autopilot still is time to turn it off. It is time to get back in the driver's seat. First stop. Blogging. You should feel extremely special you are so high on my priorities list..we may need to make you a certificate. It's kind of a big deal. be completely honest, you were second. Teaching was first...come on people.

Come. On

.  This is not to say we haven't been having the time of our lives in pre-k. We have.  There have been award worthy days...complete with interviews and red carpet. Seriously..I'm not kidding. I interviewed my little loves about pre-k. Teaching sentence structure people. Language. Kind of important. It's amazing how much a little one will talk when there is a microphone in front of them. Who am I kidding? It's amazing how much anyone will talk when there is a microphone in front of them..and by everyone I mean me.   Have I mentioned how much I love my classroom mic?  It's a rather unhealthy relationship.

sidenote: I will point out that I am not using an extreme amount of urban slang today. I decided you may need a refresher course of what we have learned so far. You know, A little review. Maybe I should make you a handout.

So...there I was on autopilot. 


Pouting. When my brain becomes overloaded (and we all know this not difficult to do) it just stops. I become the stubborn 4 year old who crosses her arms digs in her heels and refuses to move. The only difference being, that instead of school appropriate...uniform acceptable, tennis shoes...I am wearing heels. Which will get stuck in the ground when I dig them  in...causing me to fall flat on my face.  Get a mental picture of that. It's can laugh.

 Now, you all have proof that it doesn't take much for me to fall (refer to my previous post...picutres included). So I decided that before I dug my heels in...before I fell. Flat. On my face. I would be proactive. I would get it together...I would once again be the highly organized...always on top of her game teacher you have all come to love. (Okay...I honestly couldn't get that sentence out without laughing.  Those who know me well know this is the exact opposite of what I am. Those who know me well know that I will no doubt need a minimum of 4 reminders of things. All things. Dates. Names. My name. What day it is. You  name it. I'll be reminded about it. Case in point. Today is the first day back from Christmas break. I was called no less than 4 times to remind me we had school today. I am not kidding. 4 times...complete with texts and voicemails.  I did remember. All by myself. I get no credit. I will also point out...I was early. okay...well on time. Same difference)

First on the list of getting it together...highlighted, underlined, bold desk. Brought upon by a conversation I had today with a friend about teachers' desks. As I'm having this discussion (the word discussion sounds so much more officail...doesn't it) about desks, I begin looking at mine.  And can I just say..Christmas was not so merry to the cleanliness of my desk. It did not make my desk sparkly and bright; Santa's elves did not come down from the North Pole and organize it as a special gift for me. I mean, really..what's more important than sparkles and organization? The lump of coal on my desk.. Pre-K Paperwork. If you are a pre-k teacher you completely just made a face that says " I have to think about this. No..unh unh...i don't wanna" Your arms are crossed...your head is turned away from the screen in defiance and you are humming the theme song to Gilligan's Island.  This was me. Digging in my heels. Covering my eyes and playing "You can't see me" with the piles of paperwork on my desk. It took me a while, but I eventually realized that, yes...  Mr. Paperwork could see me...and not only could he see me but he was laughing at me. Hysterically. 

sidenote # 2: wouldn't it by funny if you could actually make a pile of paperwork laugh at the owner of said paperwork. Make it so that every time it was sideways glanced at..blankly stared  at... or flat-out glared would hysterically laugh at the poor person doing the looking. Hmmm...I think I shall begin the invention process on this.

Off track. Paperwork. Organized. Getting it together. I am never one to pass up a good laughing at. I welcome it. Ask my 4 year olds. They will absolutely tell you. They will tell you that their teacher is the sillest...most ungrown-up grown up they know. However... don't so much love paperwork laughing at me. I was making a stand. I was going to conquer the pile of paperwork. Laugh no more. My first thought? Taking my arm and dramatically swiping it across my desk. ..sending paperwork confetti at New Year's. (yes, I am smirking to myself right now at the thought of doing this. I absolutely would get a sense of satisfaction from this process) As fabulous as it would be to do this, I decided I should a grown-up about this. My solution? An End-of-the-Month Paperwork binder. would think this would be simple. Get a binder...punch holes in the paper...done. ::giving you a look that says "really? Come know better than this...haven't I not taught you anything?) Nope. Rule #136...Cuteness really is just as important  as organization. I am waiting. Are you writing that down? So here is the result. My paperwork binder. I would like to point out..not only is it pink..but also leopard print. What more could you ask for? Peace out peeps. (this one is simple people. You should remember. can do this.)

folder collage
folder collage