Signs of the Times

::standing next to chair in super serious voice:: name is Lauren and I am addicted to technology. It's true. Addicted. I use to be the girl who never really knew where her phone was. Maybe it was in between my car seats. Maybe my couch ate it. Maybe I left it sitting on the floor of my closet as I decided which shoes to put on. If I did know where it was, it most probably was not charged. Which...worked in my favor sometimes. You know..for those phone calls you just do not want to answer. I always had the perfect excuse. " sorry I didn't get the phone call about that super important party planning meeting after school...I lost my phone." or "Awwwe...I'm sorry I missed that extremely interesting story about your cat trying to catch the string, but my phone was dead. Dang. I bet it was a fantastic story." But no more...those days are gone. I. Am. Addicted. Smartphone..iPad...iPod...addicted. They each have a safe little home in my purse where they are kept out of harm. Their charges are placed in a sparkly gold bag, which is also safely tucked away in my purse. Now, I realize people in the olden days functioned without these glorious inventions. They made due. They used things like maps, and rotary dial phones. They wrote letters on paper and used this thing called the Post Office? I also realized that my little loves have most probably never heard of some of these ancient items. I went on a treasure hunt. First on my list: record player. The response "Teacher..that's a giant CD" Fantastic. We have a long way to go.

Next up: Rotary dial telephone. They had not a clue what this was. Not one clue. Me: "I know it's hard to imagine, but people use to not have cell phones. People use to have actually be at home to call someone." Now here's where I really blow their minds: "A super long time ago, people had no phones at all. They had to go visit someone to talk to them." They are done. Lost in their confusion. A world with no cells phones? A world without instant conversation? A world without being entertained at every second of everyday? This could not be. We had to stop for the day.

Day 2: Today I decided to go another direction with this little lesson. I decided I would play on their know...dangle a carrot in front of them. Or in this case...dangle a text message. As we are practicing our phonograms, I pull out my phone. ::In my most serious voice:: "Hey guys, hang on a second..I have to send a text to Oliver very quickly." (sidenote: Oliver is my cat. In my pre-k class he is the King of all Cats. Oliver can read, write, drink coke from a can..whatever you name, he can do it. He's pretty much a supercat) As I begin to text I look up at my class. Confusion on my face. Starring blankly at my phone. I scratch my head. I pleading look at my class. ::worry filling my voice:: Guys, I have forgotten how to spell the word I need to text. Can you help me? Please tell me you can help me. I really need to text the word cat to Oliver. He needs to know what kind of food to buy at the grocery store. (cat also happens to contain 2 of the phonograms we are learning about). I instantly see hands pop up. Instantly see 4 year olds sounding out the word cat. Hearing them figure out what sound they hear the middle...and last. They are on a mission. A mission to save my text message. And they do. They help me spell the word cat. They are my rescuers. They must be use to it..they have to rescue their silly teacher often. After sending my text to Oliver I tell them "See guys, when we learn all of our phonograms they will not only help us read...but we will be able to text." A round applause. I'm not kidding they literally applauded. Shouting "Yeees!" I'm pretty sure I even saw a few jersey fist pumps. Should I be concerned that they were more excited about learning how to text than how to read? Hmmmm....TTYL (that's text talk for Talk to You Later...get with it people. This is the convo of the future.)

So..we review our phonograms during calendar time. I like to ge tin as much teaching in the mornings when their little brains are awake. Although...mine...not so much. It takes coffee....lots and lots of coffee. So I decided to share with you what our daily calendar looks like.

Calendar Time
Calendar Time

Maybe one day soon I can upload my calendar flipchart. It's one of my favorite teaching tools ever!