Shhh....I'm Trying to Study

::running towards slow motion. Arms extended..sappy music playing in the background:: It's's really you!? My how I have missed you. It has been much too long. I am sorry. I have engrossed in studying a cool people slang dictionary (yes. There is a real website. I will not give you the exact website. It is inappropriate. Well, 25% funny...the other % disturbing and inappropriate. Not for school use. Not for adults over the age of 40 use. Trust. You be horrified. Just take cool peeps slang 101 from me. I will filter for you.) I have been studying in preparation for getting my Master's Degree in Cool Peeps Slang. I want to be bilingual. It is a lifelong goal. I have also been exercising. At the mall. I can count it as exercise. I am walking. And lifting. Bags...heavy bags. exercising. So with studying and exercising I have been a little preoccupied after school. But no more. I have realized I will most probably never be bilingual, and well....well...the shopping..ummmm....I could tell you I won't shop everyday. But would you really believe me? Really?

My focus is back. Okay...maybe not entirely..seeing as how today was my grade level team's day to provide lunch for all the teacher's in the lounge and I was supposed to being the appetizer. I remembered this info at precisely 6:43 this morning when I texted my para who in response replied: "Ur awesome wonderful para has an appetizer to bring" I would like to point out 2 things here: 1. Yes, she used Ur. Txt slang for your. I am overcome with pride.2. She knows that a. I don't cook, and b. I was going to forget. She makes my days sunny. She is who I want to be when I grow up. We really should all thank her for today. She is the reason we had pinwheels. And let's be honest. I would think a pinwheel was some sort of carnival ride if it weren't for her. If you ever see her hug her. She works with me. She needs a hug.

So here I am. Sitting in my classroom. Listening to silence. No Dr. Mike (Dr. Mike. If you do not have his CD, get it. It is magic.) playing, no one incessantly saying my name...over and over and over. Silence. Almost too quiet. Come to think of it, I kind of like noise. I like to hear little ones talking. Sharing. Laughing. In my classroom, mostly laughing. At me. Philosophy: You can only learn when you are happy. My job is to 1st make them happy and 2nd to teach them. Learning is supposed to be fun. especially at 4. They have enough time to stress about school. This year...we learn by play. We learn by experiences. This is the kind of learning that will last long after workbook pages. And don't worry. No teaching cool people slang to 4 year olds. Them teaching me  slang? Absolutely. Case in point:

Me: ::as a little girl shows me a picture she made in the art center:: That is beautiful. I love the way you made a happy face and a sad face.

Her: Those are opposites. ::turning to walk away. Stops. Turns around:: Keep in tight teacher.

::in bewilderment:: What does that even mean!? I guess I shall have to get back to studying. Deuces. I'm out (cool people slang for goodbye. Use context clues people. Context. Clues.)

Shares for the day:

Aside studying and shopping I have also been getting my classroom ready for open house. You know...the night where the entire family...moms, dads, cousins, brothers, bother's best friends' sister, dog...the night they all come to your classroom. It's supposed to be just a quick walk through of the big deal. No big deal except to every single teacher to ever teach. I mean...especially to me. A also last minute. Not a fabulous combination. Ask my mother. It drives her crazy. I really should record these answers to play back to her "Yes, Mom...I know I've had a month." "Yes, I know I should have done a little bit each day." "I know..I wouldn't be so much if I just planned ahead." I need to buy a recorder. ASAP.

Sidetracked. I'm telling you adult ADD. Shares for the day. Open house. Back on track. So open house is here. Art work on the bulletin board up....classroom sparkly and new. Welcome to pre-k.

My bulletin board for open house. Based off of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. We learned all about our capital letters, made a graph of our capital letters, and made capital letter necklaces (our of ellison di-cuts and yarn).

chicka chicka boom boom
chicka chicka boom boom

The we made the letters in our name "walk up" the Chicka Chicka tree.

Chicka Chicka Tree
Chicka Chicka Tree

We even made a graph about the number of letters in our names.

name graph
name graph

Here are the printables for the graph. Enjoy!