Monday after a Vaca

tennis shoes
tennis shoes

I have been on a little vaca. It was necessary in order to at least remember my name. I was a little worried for a while there. You should have been too. Worried. About my sanity. It was about to take flying leap off of the jungle gym. Let me show you  evidence. was wearing tennis shoes! ::gasp of horror:: Proof of my short mental breakdown? I present to you a picture taken. I would like to point to two things. 1) at least my tennis shoes are Chucks. (chucks: Converse. Named after a basketball player. Yes, I for really knew that. You can be impressed now. Hmmm...if I'm right. If I'm not...well...we'll just disregard that tidbit of info) 2) I am wearing a Running Club shirt. I do not understand what this running is that this club speaks of. However, I was told to wear it. I shall investigate this word running. I'm writing it on my to-do list now.

After my mini vaca I have fully recovered. Tennis shoes are no longer in my fashion vocab.

 Sidenote:  I absolutely had one of my 4 year olds (you remember my little fashionista) point out that I was wearing tennis shoes. She absolutely pointed this out with horror in her voice. I have taught her well. 

Vaca over. Monday is here. Bring it on. I am ready. I walk into school today wearing my favorite shoes. They are fabulous. The kind of shoes that instantly make you feel happy. Leopard print stilettos. ::in my best Racheal Zoe voice:: bah-na-nas! (if you do not know Racheal Zoe, you must watch her. She will help you.)

I take a quick look at my door to remember my name, and  my day begins. It is Music Monday. Which normally means we get to go to music class. Not so much today. The music teacher is out. I must wing it. Which, in my world, means....singing on my mic. Loudly. To my 4 year olds. I mean...honestly...what else is there to do? It's not like I have my beginning of the year testing (due today)...or finishing up my bulletin board. No...singing it is. There really is no better way to start a week. And may I add..that while singing..I was schooled. In The Whop (The Whop: a new urban dance. Fashion tips, and dance tips? You really should be writing me a thank you note). By a 4 year old. For the second time in two weeks. Apparently I am not up on the newest dance moves. Apparently I am the one who needs to be taught instead of the one teaching. But at least I got to sing. On a microphone. Happy Music Monday to me! I'm outtie.

So, seeing as how I have remembered my name. So what if it took me repeatedly chanting it to myself...I remembered it. That's all that matters. Right? In honor of this achievement I am going to share with you one of our activities from our name unit. Check back tomorrow for the full unit.  Enjoy!

We traced our capital letter with pipe cleaners, and then....

made our capital letters out of pipe cleaners.