Technical Difficulties

I would like to start today by further explaining the title of this post. When referencing technical difficulties, I am in fact, referencing my brain. My brain has malfunctioned. It has short circuited and lost everything that was on it's hard drive. It just keeps blinking "restart in safe mode"...over and over and over with the blinking.  Maybe I should have sent my brain into tech help along with my broken computer (you remember..the one we mourned last week.) Let's a take a little trip down Ihavelostmybrainandcannotfineit Lane. This is a long and windy road. A road most would never travel. A road lined with empty Starbucks cups and random high heels. Turn your GPS on people you are going to need it.

We will begin our trip bright and early. Which...we all not my most favorite time to begin any trip. Ever. But..bright and early it is. School time. Can we just take a little pit stop to discuss school time? It really would be much better to start at lets say...9:00 instead of 7:40. I mean..who's brain is really functioning this early? Honestly? Okay..okay...back on the road. Bright and early. I get in my car a little proud of myself. I am early. I will not need to yell at the crossing guard this morning. I will not need to elbow people out of line in Starbucks. I am early. This is good. Really...we should probably all celebrate a little. So I walk into school (notice I said walk..not run..not sprint...walk. Early. I just want to reiterate. I was early.) Off track..I'm just so proud of I walk into school...walk to classroom. It is pristine. It is quiet, and neat and calm. It has the newness of an early morning with all the promise of a fantastic day. That is until I have my first conversation of the day. A conversation which revolves around our laptop. That I took home. To do work. This is how much work I accomplished: It is still sitting in my super fabulous bag. In my car. Where I left it. Along with my brain.

First convo of the day:

4 year old: "Where is our morning graph? It's not on the promethean board" (well really it was pronounced promefean)

Me: Sure it is. It's right ::looking at board...walking over to board with 4 year old in tow..poking all around board. Disconnecting and reconnecting wires..and then announcing in my most dramatic teacher voice:: oh looks like our board may be broken. What are we going to do?

4 year old: ::patting me on my leg with sympathy:: silly teacher, our computer isn't there. Don't we need our computer for our board? Silly Mrs. teacher.

This was the first turn on a very windy road today. It's a good thing my little ones came to school today with their seatbelts on. They needed them. I, on the other hand, needed an airbag.

As we have established I am a little scatterbrained these days. Leading to numerous technical difficulties...numerous detours on my daily route.  No.. this it is not my norm. To be scatterbrained.  I blame it on the heat. I the South..can't all things be blamed on the heat? Heat aside and scatterbrained aside, my little ones still seem to know their name. Even if their teacher cannot remember hers. So today I am going to share with you some things from our theme for the week. Our names. Maybe this will help me remember mine tomorrow.

Today we started our name unit by reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. I realize Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is no Pride and Prejudice (and yes...I only know this classic literature because it was a movie...your point?), but it does give us a chance to discuss letters. Particularly the letters in our name.

Sidenote: If you read the sister book Chicka Chicka 123, you can even discuss the difference between letters and numbers. This skill is on kindergarten testing. I am just saying. And you are welcome.

Back to today. Even if I couldn't remember or recognize my name today, hopefully my kids could recognize their's. Introducing magic names. Made with glue and colored with crayons.

Magic Names
Magic Names you...the one looking for the printable. It's right here. The paper appears to be a plain old white paper. That is until you use your favorite color to color it. And a bra cadabra....a magic name appears!

After revealing our magic names, we then moved onto counting the letters in our name. You really is a good thing I teach pre-k. Counting 1-10. I got this. Now any more... ::worried face, biting fingernails::

blank number of letters in name  : This is what I use for our name graph. Yes..I know I am OCD, but I color group the names by the number of letters. It makes the graph much prettier. Everything color coded. Orderly. ::closing eyes and sighing:: bliss. It also helps give me more ways to question my little ones about our graph, as well as showing them different ways we can group. Now...let's all thank my OCD. It has helped us teach today.