Operation Change

Lets play a little game. True or False? My class from last year has a plan with the codename Escape to pre-k. It comes complete with a blueprint of how to accomplish their mission. Do something bad enough and their kindergarten teacher will send them back to pre-k. So...true or false? If you answered false you are..wait for it...wait for it...WRONG! ::making buzzer sound:: The correct answer is true. I received the blueprint for this plan via text. From one of my parents. I decided I may need to have a chat with these little friends. You know...maybe explain that making bad choices is probably not the best way to go about things. This would just result in them getting in trouble, which in turn would lead to their teacher having to stay in during recess duty. This would then cause their teacher to get mad at me..and that's never really a good thing. Ever. I do not heart when people are mad at me. I am a lover, not a fighter.

It also got me to thinking. Change is hard. For anyone. I..I am not a great dealer of this change business. I do not handle change with grace or class. Frankly. Change freaks me out. If it freaks me out...a grown-up (yes...the term grown-up is loosely used in this sentence)..how can we expect 4 and 5 year olds to not want to devise an escape plan. A plan to get them back to the only classroom they ever have known.

I remember when the style was changing from bootcut jeans to tapered leg jeans. This change sent me into a downward spiral. There was no way I was going to wear tapered leg jeans. Nope. These people were crazy. I was sticking with my comfort. I was sticking with what I knew. But, here I am. Rockin skinny jeans. Yes, the terminology has changed. Tapered leg? So 80's. Skinny jeans. So now. Even though the terms have changed, the style is still the same. I need to find a way to take this logic to my little escapees. I need to show them that even though the terminology have changed from pre-k to kindergarten it is still school. They are still loved. They are still safe. It will be okay. There is no need to stock up on black clothing or flashlights.

And please let me clarify. I, by no means, think that it is my winning personality...fabulous wardrobe and beautiful singing voice that has them willing to carry out this Escape. What you ask has them willing to tie white sheets together and repeal from rooftops? Center time. Need I say more?

I must go now ::paired with shifty eyes and abrupt departure:: (this goodbye is in honor of our little planners)

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Since we talked about change today, I will share with you pictures from our color unit. Today we mixed colors. We changed them from two colors to one color. Yes, I am brave. Yes, I now have pink paint on my black dress. This just means I get to buy a new one...right? Hmmm....if this is the case, I shall do art projects on the daily (on the daily: everyday. Geeze..really...you would think you have cool people slang down by now.)

Color collage
Color collage