Mrs. Williams and the Purple Crayon

If I had a purple crayon..a' la Harold...I'm pretty sure today I would draw a plane. To fly away on. To Neverland.  Somedays I do not want to be a grown-up. I flat not want to be one. I want to go back to the days when all I really had to worry about was if I was going to like what they were serving in the cafeteria. I want to dig my heels ever so stylish heels...and refuse to play by grown up rules. Today is one of those days. This is the fabulousness of teaching pre-k. I do not have to be a grown-up. Well...grown up in the conventional sense. I can be silly. I can dance. I can simply bask in the happiness that comes with a room full of smiling..giggling 4 year olds. As a matter of fact, the sillier I am..the happier they are. Which works out well for me. I am not one who minds being silly. Having fun, laughing..sometimes inappropriately (okay...most of the time inappropriately as we have established by my week's worth of in-service posts)..sitting around our carpet and telling silly stories...these are some of my favorite things. And let's not diminish the value of silly stories. Today during our silly story time we learned a ton of pre-reading concepts. Rhyming words (which were student created), hearing the fluency of reading, forming story concepts, verbal sentence building (which we all know is the basis for written sentence building), listening comprehension, and most of all the joy of stories..which hopefully...fingers crossed will lead to the joy of reading. Whether it be novels, short stories or even Glamour Magazine...I hope they one day have the joy of reading. Yes..there is value in reading Glamour. I would you know the on trend nail polish color? This is important. I may need to get some of you a subscription for Christmas. Check your mailboxes.

Maybe I'll change my purple crayon drawing. I think I'll draw my classroom. With my kids. Being silly. Don't worry, a plane will still waiting to fly me away. To a beach. Hmmm...or not. I think I've had enough hot for a while  (I do live in the south. Yes. It was 102 degrees outside today). Let's try snow.

I'll see you on the flipside.

See you on the flipside: I will see you tomorrow. You people really should be thanking me for helping you sound cool.

Speaking of colors. This is out theme for the week. Tomorrow we will be going on a color hunt. Here are our printables for tomorrow's lesson.

We will start our lesson with Hap Palmer's color song. If you do not know who Hap Palmer is..this is because I am showing my age. I learned of this record (for those of you 25 or younger...record: the big CD) when I was little. From my grandmother. She was a teacher. 4th Grade. She is the reason I am a teacher today. Thank her.

My kiddos will wear these bracelets while we sing the song. Which I would like to point out is now on CD. The joys of technology.

blue bracelets , Red bracelets , yellow bracelets , green bracelets

We will use the following color workmats to play "I Spy" with colors. They will choose a number randomly and must find that many objects to glue inside their color frame.

I can find blue , I can find green, I can find orange , I can find purple , I can find red , I find yellow

Here's my flowchart...just to help you plan. If you're in to that planning thing.