As Promised on my Coach Bag

Friday. I honestly cannot think of anything else to say. My brain is that tired.  I am pretty sure I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a stiletto or a ballet flat at this point. You will soon see me walking down the hall rambling about lesson plans...humming the Good Morning song..all the while walking with one shoe on and one shoe off. Before we get to the point of me repeatedly reciting the Days of the Week while I rock back and's my share from yesterday. As promised. I did promise. On my Coach bag. This promise must be kept. Peace out peeps. (Hopefully by now I have helped my lingo challenged friends understand the verbage peace out. I realize I threw a curve ball with peeps. Peeps: people, friends. Try using it in a sentence. Make it your own. You will be infinitely cooler.)

In two weeks we will start our All About Me theme unit. No I do not mean Me as in me ::pointing to myself:: that I think about it....a week long study into leaning about me would be a benefit to everyone. Yes, I think I shall write the lesson plans for this unit immediately. But for now...I shall share with you the book I will be sending home for my little loves to complete. We will place them in our library and read them when they are student of the week.

Girl cover , Boy Cover , Page 1 , Page 2 , Page 3 , Page 4 , Page 5 , Page 6

Added bonus: Here is my weekly checklist for this unit. You are welcome. I will accept Starbucks or Sephora as payment.

weekly checklist

All About me
All About me