Report Card: Time Management- D+

My best friend has kept me on track since I was 12 years old. Back then I was not the punctual, got-it-together, person that I am today. Okay..maybe I'm still not the punctual part...or the got-it-together part. Hmmmm.....moving on... Jill. Or..for the purpose of this blog I will now refer to her as Mumsy (and you must use an English accent when you say this. I've always wanted to have an English accent. I shall have one in this post.) So, Mumsy. Mumsy has a tough job. Not only does she make sure I remember important know like the first day of school. But she also makes sure I get there on time. This is no easy task. I am not the most punctual person on the planet. Especially in the morning. Ever. This year I am lucky enough to be teaching Mumsy's little boy. He is amazing. We are going to call him Mumsy Jr. Yes...he has taken on the role of keeping me on track.

Case in point. Yesterday while sitting at my table Mumsy Jr. walks in from outside. He walks by the Jar of Love jars (if you do not know what this is you are way behind. You may reference here.) nods his head in their direction and says "So, what time do you think we are gonna get to those?" Okay, I know I am the teacher. I know I make the schedule. But at that exact moment I felt like I needed to tell him all the reasons we had not gotten to that particular activity. You know...explaining quickly. Like you're in trouble. By your boss. Today Mumsy Jr. walks in the classroom wearing a digital watch. I ask him "Did your Mom put that on you so you could help Mrs. Williams?" His answer? A slow shake of his head. Yes. My how I love that kid. He will be my helper. Until he is 80.

Share for the day. My schedule. I try to stick to it...really I do. It's just that...I ...I have ADD, what can I say? Distraction is to my life as fabulousness is to Coach. It cannot be helped.

Schedule : This is from last year. I've changed it a tad this year.

Themes : I heart theme teaching. It's really good for someone like me. Who needs things to flow. To match.