The Silliest Dance Contest

Me: ::in my most cheeriest..happiest...teacher voice ever. Complete with hand gestures and sound effects. Get a mental picture.:: Okay's time to go to lunch. Put your listening ears on to listen so you can hear when it's your turn to line up.

Four year old:: ::while acting out putting on his listening ears:: I can't. My listening ears batteries are dead.

How do you even begin to correct that without laughing. This is why I love my job. I love getting the unexpected answers. I love that sometimes...a four year old can outwit me. Sometimes. Keyword. it's not that difficult to outwit me. Maybe I'm outwitted by the two year old telling a knock-knock joke. Not the point. I love the answers four year olds come up with. I should begin taking notes.

My little rockstars are quickly becoming pre-k pros. I think they may already be ready for AP pre-k classes. I am rather proud of my little class. I am also pretty sure they think I'm a little crazy. In a good way, of course. For instance, today we watched The Lion King during nap time. Who wouldn't sing when Hakuna Mata came on. It's not all that pathetically sad that I still know every word. To the movie. Is it? Or when we danced the Silly Contest. It's not that strange that I was the one dancing the silliest? So what if my legs are now sore from all the dancing. Yes, I'm pretty sure they think I'm a little crazy. I'm also pretty sure that I want their first school experience to be filled with laughter and fun. Even if it is laughing at their well dressed silly teacher.

Sidenote: The Silly Dance Contest. (by Jim Gill) If you are a teacher and do not own this, get in your car. Drive to the store. Buy it. It is wonderful. I'm also sure that you could play this at home. With your friends. It could possibly be the best entertainment ever. I am now going home to organize this.

Share for the day: I would hope no one would ever be absent fromschool. It would be such a sad thing to miss my dance moves. Theyare quite fabulous. Really. They are. But...if my kiddos do have to miss, here is the form I have placed in their binders. Yes I am OCD. I own it.

I will also share with you proof I love to dance. It was taken in a garage. With no music. I kid..I kid. There was music. wasn't The Silly Dance Contest. It was The Drop-it-like-it's-hot Fruit Salad Song from the earlier in-service. ::laughing:: Kidding people..kidding.

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