Cheetos and Dr. Pepper

This is what I ate for breakfast. This is what my room mother brought me as a back to school happy. Breakfast of champions. It is my most favorite breakfast. It is only something your best friend of 18 years knows about you. She is my room mom this year. I could not be more excited. She is my comfort. Like a well-worn pair of Seven jeans. Comfy. Relaxed. Sweet Jill. She thought us going to Cancun for senior trip was an adventure. She has not experienced the adventure that we call being a room mom. Welcome Jill. We will pray for her.  Toady was the first day. I planned my outfit last night. Went and bought new shoes for the occasion. And yes. One of my little girls absolutely gave me props on my shoes. We will be besties this and my little fashionista. (props: giving someone a compliment. Just for those of you who aren't up the lingo) I got to school early. 7:00. My car was in the parking lot. I'm pretty sure my principal thought it must have broken down over the weekend and I  left it here. But, no. I was here. In my classroom. Ready. Well...getting ready. It was 7:00 in the morning after all. But, I had Starbucks in hand. Which at 7:00 in the morning is magic. 7:15. Starbucks inhaled. My door opens. In through the door walks my little class. By pre-k standards, it was a fantastic morning. I didn't have to peel anyone off of parents. Didn't have to chase anyone down the hall as they bolted for the door. Didn't have to ask anyone to stop running around the room while waving their hands wildly in the air. It was a great morning. It was a great day. So what if we went down early for nap. Who doesn't need a nice long nap on their first day of school? For that matter..who doesn't need a nice long nap any day of the week?

And, can I just say, I am in love. They are wonderful. They are already my world. They have made me laugh. They have made me not mind waking up before the sun. They have made me happy I am a teacher.  I have already established who will be a future lawyer.. (the little one who whole heartily bargained for more playground time)...the one who will be a future rockstar( my little one who rocked his air guitar on his leg while singing 5 Little Monkeys)...and the one who will be a future America's Next Top Model judge (my little one who sat next to me while I took everyone's picture, and critiqued everything from their pose to their hair). I wonder what she would say about my Trendy Teacher pics. Scratch that. I'm scared to ask.

Goodbye Butterfly. (I thought I'd use pre-k speak to honor the day)  I'm going home.

Here are my shares for today. In honor of learning everyone's name today, I am going to share with you my name journals. We do these every morning. Some start out as random scribbles, but by the end of the year they are pros. It works. Trust.

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