List Obsessed

I told myself I was not going to school this weekend. Told myself that I was going to become up close and personal with my comfy bed. This was going to be the kind of weekend where I rocked my pajamas all day. Bed, food, bed...with maybe a little TV and reading thrown in to mix it up. That was going to be my weekend. That was going to be my farewell summer tribute. That is until I woke up this morning in a cold sweat. Making lists in my head of everything I still needed to do. I tried everything to make the lists stop. Reading my new favorite book (The Hunger Games. Read it.) Couldn't concentrate. Catching up on all of my DVR-ed shows. Spaced out in list land. In desperation I even began cleaning...but..who am I kidding? I would much rather be at school. Ask anyone that knows me. They will..with no hesitation...confirm this point to you. So here I am. Working. On Saturday. Before school starts. But I need to work. I need to have everything finished. And not only finished, but finished to perfection. Once this is done I will once again be able to do other things. Like..tutor those of you who do not know how to do The Whop. Or for that matter.. clue those of you in who do not know what I mean by saying The Whop. I will soon be trading in The Whop for The Tootie-Ta. I will soon be trading in Lil Wayne for Dr. Jean. But at least I will be ready. I will have everything ready bright and early Monday morning. ::pausing:: Bright and Early. ::worried face:: Extra coffee will be required. Should I make a list of everything that I need to do Sunday night? Geeze...I think at this point even my lists have lists. Work. I really need to get to work. Otherwise MOnday morning will come  and I will be sitting in this same spot...staring into space. With post-it notes stuck to my forehead. Auvoir.(I teach at a French Immersion school. This is all I have learned)  I'm out.

Shares for the day:

If you teach pre-k you know all about anecdotal notes. They are hard to organize. Hard to keep track of. Here is how I do it. I use post-it notes. I love them..what can I say? I made a chart that fits 2 post-it notes per month. When I write it down I stick in on the chart. I will share with you soon my teacher binder where I keep all of this. I will. Promise.

anecdotal Charting Sept-Nov, anecdotal Charting Dec-Feb, anecdotal Charting Mar-May

If you know about anecdotal notes, you also know about checklists. A very wise friend once told me that she did a weekly checklist with multi-objectives. I am one who always listens to wise people. Here is my weekly checklist.

blank mulit-objective checklist

Last but not least, lesson plans. I change my format every year. But I'm thinking that I really like this one. Well, so far.

template page1, template page2