It's a Twisty Road

Today I'm going to start with a little story. Once upon a time in a faraway land it was 3:30. In this enchanted land 3:30 signaled the end of the work day. While all the other villagers went to celebrate the end of their work week, our fair princess was stuck. Behind her desk. Until 7:00. The End. True story. I will be here until it is dark. I would probably stay later, but I'm too chicken to walk out by myself. Maybe I should look into taking karate. You know? Self-defense.  I wonder. Would  I get to pick the color of my belt? If not...I really would need to know what color it is so my shoes could match. Or .... maybe I could buy a can of mase. Bedazzled of course. It really is essential to make all things girly. Really. That's a rule. Write it down. You may want to start a book. It will be helpful in case you ever need to refer to a rule or help a friend. We will title your book The Girl Code. I realize this is a rip off of The Bro Code...but lets be honest. What other word would you use instead of code? The Girl Doctrine? I think not. Off track. Notebook. Get one. Rule #1 If you must do something that is sweaty and for boys (ie karate) it essential to make it as girly and cute as possible. Say...possibly...making cute karate shorts instead of karate pants. Or...wearing a chic skinny belt to cinch your waist instead of the bulky fabric one you are given. Whoa...this post has taken the complete wrong direction. You can tell I am the one behind the wheel...going the wrong direction. Lost. I'm turning on my GPS and getting back on track.

Now...where was I? Staying at school. Until 7. Getting ready for Monday morning when I will be greeted with the smiling faces of 4 year olds. Or some...not so smiling....kind of like me when I roll out of bed...not wanting to go.  I understand their pain. Monday morning. Go Day. Ready or not, here they come. But I am. I am ready. Well, at 7:01 I will be ready. And then...not fully ready. I mean..what am I going to wear? That's a major decision. I need an outfit to convey my experience to the parents  and my love to their babies. For some reason when parents see me wearing stilettos...I would like to point out that i spell this word wrong. Everytime. Love spellcheck...when they see wearing these they think I havent' really spent a full day in pre-k. I need an outfit that says "I know I'm wearing 6 inch heels...yes I've done this before. I realize you are nervous, but I'm ecstatic you are here.  So come in. This year is going to be spectacular!" That's the outfit I need. Shopping must be done. Clothes must be bought. This fair princess needs a new ballgown.

Here are some printables I will be relying on Monday morning to keep me on track. To make sure in the process of introducing 4 year olds to school I do not introduce my mind to insanity.


Now onto the printables. Enjoy. On Monday I shall share with you the glory that is the first day of school. Farewell. (I was going to go with peace out, but decided to help out the not-so-savvy slang friends. It was their turn to understand my closing. For the rest of my peeps. Farwell means peace out. It's okay. I just learned that too.)

At my door : This will be rolled up and tied with ribbon. It will be waiting for my parents in their child's cubby. I got this from an in-service. See...I do listen. (you may say you're sorry now) I wish I knew who wrote it. I would like to thank them.

I will cut these out. Back them on construction paper, and laminate them. On the first day of school I will tie the appropriate one to my little lovies booksacks. This way no one gets lost. That would simply not be fantastic.

Blank Bus Rider name tags , Car Rider name tags , Daycare name tags

Blank how your does your child get home :I will have parents initial next to their child's name. This way I am double sure how each child gets home. I need to double check things. Ask my friends. They will agree.

Spalding name plate : When my little loves arrive they will find their work chair. It will be labeled with this name tag. I made it based off of Spalding curriculum.

Name plate : This is the name plate I use around my carpet. It is made to print with Frog Street Press sentence strips. If you are a teacher and do not know of this Frog Street Press that I speak of..we must chat. Now. It also uses the font LD Traditional Print. LD fonts are fabulous. You should get them.