Ode to My Para

para·pro·fes·sion·al definition

Pronunciation: /-prə-ˈfesh-nəl, -ən- ə l/ Function: n :  a trained aide who assists a professional person

This is the official definition. My definition? Para-Professional: Sanity Saver. She is the Jim to my Pam. Don't know Jim and Pam? The Office. Watch it.  Well..I guess that really doesn't work..seeing as how Jim is a boy and Ann..well..is not. Lets go with she is the Romy to my Michelle. Yes...much better. Now where were we? She is the person who knows what I'm thinking with one glance. Most of the time this glance results in laughter..which then results in no work being done. This is beside the point. She is the one who understands..beyond any words...what my day is like. I will owe her Starbucks until they no longer serve coffee.

I am the first one to tell you...I would get nothing done without my para. I would be the frazzled teacher aimlessly wandering the halls with rips in my pantyhose...random pencils stuck in my hair..mismatched shoes. When my para was sent to me the clouds parted..the sun beamed down...and the angles sang. Well...I sang. I still sing. To her. All day.

22 Pre-K survival Kits to make? Cakewalk. 22 Pre-K Paperwork Packets? Child's play. I am lucky to have her. She gets a gold star today.

Today I am sharing the packets Ann put together today. Thank her. She deserves it.

At our parent meeting my parents get two folders. One for papers they can keep. One for paperwork I need to file in their child's files. I am OCD. I do not let them leave with the paperwork they must fill out. It is like a treasure that I must never let leave my sight. More precious than a leave early pass..or casual Friday. Okay..maybe not as precious as casual Friday..but definatly more precious than leave early pass. I'm not exactly sure what this "leave early" is that these passes speak of.  


Pre-K Survival Kit Cover

Snack Ideas

Volunteer Sheet

What Are We Talking AboutMrs. Williams' Themes

Dear Families

Child questionnaire

What do You Expect From Your Child's Teacher

Pre-K Paperwork Cover