Morning Routine = Rockstar Day

Yesterday morning I did not wake up feeling like P Diddy. For those of you who do not get this reference...we may need to update your music playlist. Put it on your "to do" list. Now where were we? Not feeling like P Diddy. I most defiantly did not. Yesterday morning was one of those morning when your alarm doesn't go off. You jump out of bed...rush around like a crazy person because each minute is precious in your pursuit to not show up like you just rolled out of bed. My routine was out the window....and I need my routine. I did manage to make it to work on time, but I never seemed to find my flow.

Sidenote: I absolutely had time to stop at Starbucks. Maybe I wouldn't have had to rush like a crazy person if I would have skipped this step and went straight to school. I remind you...routine..I need my routine. Starbucks is non-negotiable.

So this got me to thinking. If I so desperately need routine in my life, wouldn't it also mean that 4 year olds do as well? If I need a smooth morning to be on my A game...wouldn't a 4 year old? I think we all need to wake up feeling a little like P Diddy in order to be a rockstar that day. Don't you?

So here's my morning routine. This is how we start our day. Yes, mornings in a pre-k classroom can make your head spin. Unpacking booksacks, putting up lunch boxes, little hands tugging on your skirt..but at least we have a routine. When the booksacks are in cubbies, and the morning stories are finished they know what they need to do. Routine. Word of the day.

Here's our visual reminder...just in case they forget.

Morning Routine
Morning Routine

First we unpack our booksacks, and put our binders away in our binder cubbies. . Four year olds, without a doubt, will want to show you what they have in their binders. It usually takes us a good two weeks to teach them that "Mrs. Williams really wants to see your treasures (notes and money) from home, but I have special contacts that will only see them if they are in your binder." Yes...they will ask to see my contacts. No..I don't show them..after all they magic. You can't show magic.

 After everyone has put their binders away I will check them for notes and money, while it's time for them to color their attendance chart and write their name in their name journal.

This year I made my very own attendance calendar. I usually order them from Lakeshore, but you know...thier font is just not that super cute. Please refer to yesterday's post to further explanation.

attendance journal cover : If you have not downloaded my most favorite fonts from may need to work on that. This cover will be much cuter if you do.

Name Journal Page