I heart fonts

::standing up next to my chair:: Hi. My name is Lauren and I am addicted to fonts. Seriously. It's bad. It really should not take 45 minutes to create an Emergency Contact List. Well..honest? It only took 5 minutes to actually create it...the other 40 were spent searching for the perfect font. The font that would say..."I'm an Emergency Contact List, but I still have style"  I mean...a font can make or break the cuteness of something. And isn't that what's important after all? Cuteness. Hmmm...maybe learning. I should go with that...learning and cuteness. In honor of my font addiction I'm going to share with you (and I mean you Erica) my most favorite website for free fonts. We can all thank this website for creating a monster. Let's all applause.

Kevin and Amanda

Want to see the final decision on the font for my Emergency contact list? The font for the title of my list you ask? Lt chickenhawk. Check it: fontspace.com